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Greg Salthouse Greg Salthouse
After starting his apprenticeship at Salthouse Boatbuilders nearly 20 years ago, Greg Salthouse is now the Executive Director of the business. Greg is responsible for the day-to-day running of the yard and oversees each project from the initial discussions with a client to handing over at the completion of a project. His hands-on approach means he is always aware of progress and details on each build. As well as his extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art composite construction Greg is also well versed in more traditional boatbuilding methods. A keen yachtsman who has won national titles, Greg has a lifetime of practical boating experience to call upon.
Chris (Curly) Salthouse Chris (Curly) Salthouse
After many years as a professional sailor Chris joined Salthouse Boatbuilders in 2007 in a sales and marketing role. Chris' sailing experience includes 5 America's Cups and regular involvement in top campaigns on the Grand Prix racing circuit - he will remain active on the international sailing circuit as part of his role at Salthouses. His vast yachting experience is a huge advantage when developing the layout and systems for our high-tech race yachts.
John Salthouse John Salthouse
The founder of Salthouse Boatbuilders Ltd, John is a modest gentleman who despite 50 years of evidence to the contrary would never admit to being a boatbuilder of immense talent. His skills as a traditional boatbuilder are held in high regard throughout the New Zealand boatbuilding industry. An industry that has long been considered among the world's finest. Although John no longer helms the day-to-day running of the yard he is still actively involved at Salthouse Boatbuilders offering a guiding hand to staff. He also has a wealth of knowledge for his sons to call upon in running the business.
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