Mean Machine
TP52 Racing Yacht
The latest in a long line of Mean Machine racing yachts was completed by Salthouse Boatbuilders in March 2008.
The 22nd Mean Machine owned by Dutch sailor Peter de Ridder is a Rolf Vrolijk designed TP52.

The European TP52 circuit is currently the pinnacle of inshore Grand Prix yacht racing. TP52s are at the cutting edge of hi-tech yacht development where weight saving, innovation, and attention to detail are paramount.

The Mean Machine team came up with an innovative deck layout and relied on Salthouse Boatbuilder's technical know-how to transform a concept into a competitive advantage on the race course.

Constructed of nomex and carbon fibre, Salthouse Boatbuilders used state-of-the-art composite construction techniques to produce a light yet incredibly stiff structure.

A demanding schedule was required to get the boat finished and shipped to Europe in time for the start of the 2008 season but through good planning and organization the build quality was never compromised and the boat left the yard on schedule.
“I would recommend any to build a boat with Greg and his team at Salthouse's. I found their approach to be very personable and professional. It was a refreshing experience to
build with a crew who are open to different ideas and are willing to adapt as the boat evolved. I would not hesitate to build another boat with them if the opportunity arose.”

Chris Ried - Project manager for the MEAN MACHINE build
Salthouse Boats - TP52 Racing Yacht
Salthouse Boats - TP52 Racing Yacht
Salthouse Boats - TP52 Racing Yacht
Salthouse Boats - TP52 Racing Yacht